Annual Conferences, Academies & Webinars


The Annual Conference devotes special attention to topics suitable for publication and will include (Papers; Working Group; Statistics; Special Reports)

Presentations from the conference can be found in the ‘members’ section, under IMIA Archive – then ‘conferences’

Watch our conference presentations

Please check out our upcoming IMIA Webinars, page for members to register for the webinars mentioned below

  • 5th October – Introduction to Insurance (this is specifically for those who have registered for the Singapore Academy)
  • 14th October – Cladding – this will be a joint presentation with LEG for IMIA and LEG members
  • 20th November – Global Market Stats and Benchmarking
  • 8th December – Risks Associated with New Materials for IMIA members

The Singapore Academy will be taking place during the first week of June 2021, existing registrations will carry over.  If you still wish to register there are spaces available, please log into the website and complete the form in the Academy Engineering Course Page

Our previous Conference was held in October 2019 in the beautiful City of Vienna.  Subject matter is always relevant to the Industry next year 2021, all being well we hope to resume to a conference in person in Dublin.

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