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IMIA Annual Conference

We look forward to inviting our members to the 56th Annual conference which will be held in Singapore from the 25th to the 27th of September 2023, starting with the welcome dinner on the 24th.  Registration is now open for members, please see below for more details.

This year’s conference will be held at the iconic landmark hotel the Fullerton in Singapore where we have reserved special room rates for delegates, please reserve your room at the same time as the conference. A welcome dinner will be held in the hotel and the traditional Farewell dinner across the river at the Asian Civilizations Museum. We have an exciting line up in the conference including all our traditional presentations of the latest happenings in the Engineering Insurance Industry and the latest statistics of the global market, as well as how the new era of ESG is impacting our industry.

Our external presentations will include:

  •  A presentation of how the worlds largest engineering insurance claim unfolded.
  • The impact of Asian Jurisdictions on claims
  • The latest results of IMIA’s cooperation with the International Tunnelling Association and how this may improve tunnelling results
  • Green Buildings

We also will have a visit to the Pinnacle, a dramatic example of how Singapore has confronted its public housing needs and for those who wish an optional site visit on Wednesday afternoon to one of Singapore’s largest transit projects, part of making Singapore a Green City. There will be plenty of opportunities to network with many of the world’s leading practitioners in the Construction Insurance Industry. At a time of increasing changes in both the construction and the insurance industries this is a MUST ATTEND conference !

More information and live updates to the conference

FOR MEMBERS TO REGISTER FOR THE FULL CONFERENCE PACKAGE PLEASE LOG IN AND CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION FORM. (if you have problems logging in or need a password reset please contact [email protected].


After discussions within the EC it has been agreed that, if a Member has already at least one delegate registered to the Singapore Conference we will offer up to 2 additional colleagues per registered delegate the possibility to register for the Singapore Conference at a reduced rate of GBP450. The additional attendees will be able to attend all the daytime functions at the Fullerton including the full conference Agenda (with the exception of the AGM) the lunches and the coffee breaks but not the evening functions.The attendees will have the full possibility to participate in the workshops and present themselves as potential members of future working groups. The seating arrangement for the additional attendees will be informal.All attendees may book the reduced price at the Fullerton if they book before the 15th August.  You will find the hotel booking link in the registration form that will be emailed to you upon request.This offer will be limited to a restricted number of attendees given the physical constraints of the Conference Location. For companies with more than one attendee registered there will be an overall limit of 6 additional delegates per Member.This is an exceptional offer for the Singapore conference in view of the fact that it is 5 years since the last Conference in Asia.If you want to take up this offer, please email [email protected]. You will receive a registration form where you can pay via credit card.  Once you have registered you will receive access to the conference app.

To view presentations from previous conferences members can log in, simply go to the ‘members section’ – IMIA Archive – Conference Presentations and Photos.  (Please note that we have had to temporarily remove some presentations, however if there is anything in particular you want and cannot find please contact [email protected]

The annual conference has been held in various locations around the world since 1968, see details.

For Press Releases of past conferences click here.

More information and live updates to the conference