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On the 8th of June we hosted the ‘Insuring Hydrogen Infrastructure’ webinar which has been uploaded to the Webinar Page

To view our latest webinar on How to read Triangles please go to our Webinars Page


See viewing of our latest webinar – Steel Industry: new technologies and associated risks’  presented by Didier Schutz of SCOR

You may also find the PDF version of the above presentation

On the 23rd of March this week, Mr Stephan Lämmle  the Chairman of  IMIA and Manuela Baroncini, a member of the IMIA EC gave a presentation at the GIA conference which was attended by 182 people from 36 companies (Re/Insures and Brokers). They presented their thoughts on the outlook of engineering insurance in 2022 and their views on the challenges, changes and opportunities presented. The presentation aims to demonstrate the contemporary trends and developments in engineering technology and insurance. It  comprises news and main trends in the construction industry, natural disasters and losses and gives an overview of developments in the engineering insurance market. IMIA 2022 – GIA – What happened in the Engineering Presentation