Webinar Videos

IMIA Conference 2020, including Working Group Webinars

Opening of the conference – Olivier Hautefeuille

Chairman’s address and current business – Stephan Lämmle

Premium Claims and Statistics – Dieter Spaar

Global Market Stats and Benchmarking (IRCI, ILORI, IMLI) – Simon DeJung

What happened in the Engineering Insurance Market in the last 12 Months 2020 – Guido Benz

Presentation of WGP 120 (20) Improving Trends in Construction Risk Management – where next – Georges Helou

Presentation of WGP 121 (20) Risks associated with new materials – Hailu Tadesse, Paul Lowrie & Gabriele Frigerio

Financial Matters – Max Benz

Chairman’s closing speech – Stephan Lämmle

Poll Results – Chairman & New CLG

IMIA Workshops

Global Market Stats and Benchmarking   (ILORI, IRCI, IMLI) 20th November 2020 – Simon Dejung, Jindrich Wagner of Perils and Martin Kauth of PartnerRe


IMIA Academy

(Due to Covid, the Academy that was due to take place this April and then October has now been postponed to June 2021.  Oscar Treceno kindly presented the Introduction to Insurance Webinar.  The rest of the Academy will be face to face in Singapore or may even be a hybrid if we are still faced with Covid)

Introduction to Insurance – Oscar Treceno



Cladding for Buildings – Jointly presented by the IMIA and LEG Working Group


2021 Webinars / Presentations

Rainfall and Inundation Presentation – Patrick Bravery and Gareth Evans