Privacy policy


How IMIA uses your personal data

The Data we receive from you:

  1. From Users viewing our public pages and downloading any document, no records are taken except anonymous statistical data of number of pages seen and documents downloaded.
  2. Login Register for Members/Delegates: For entering the Member pages, the person must be registered. The minimum data for registering are: e-mail address (= User Name) actual name, company/organisation the person works for and the country. Additional data the person may add are Company website, AIM, Yahoo IM etc. biographical Information, user’s picture, title/position, communication address and phone numbers, secretary’s name with e-mail address and phone number. Each user will be provided with a personal password which he/she can change. All registered members have access to their data for making additions, deletion or adjustments. They may ask for complete deletion of their data which the IMIA secretariat will then do without delay. Else, the data will be kept as long as the membership exists. If there is a probability that the Member Delegate may be returning or the records are needed for a time for a specific reason, they may be staying until the reason is no longer existent. Regular checks are the duty of the IMIA Secretariat.
  3. Information received from registrations to IMIA Conferences or IMIA Academy courses:
    These data are as per the registration form and usually comprise: Participant’s name, company/organisation and location, possibly accompanying partner’s name and the arrival and departure dates. Regarding fee payments by credit card or otherwise, IMIA gets no information other than the fact of payment, date and amount.
  4. We also take and keep photos of conferences and courses which are kept on the IMIA website page restricted to members’ access. Selected group photos may also appear in the IMIA brochure or on one of the public pages of the website for a limited period of a year. IMIA will delete pictures on request of participants where they are shown.


How the data recorded are used by IMIA:

  1. IMIA uses the Members’ and Delegates’ records exclusively for dealing with the administration of membership of the association, the organisation of conferences and Academy courses and the charging of fees and controlling payments. IMIA keeps lists of Member delegates only with names, company/organisation and e-mail addresses on its public pages. These are regularly updated. In view of the historical interests of our Members, IMIA keeps records on past conferences including agendas with names of speakers and lists of participants. No personal data except name, company/organisation and country are given. The archive also keeps event photographs. These records are kept to members’ access only.
  2. There is no passing on of personal data to anybody, no use for advertising purposes.
  3. Access to the Member Delegate data recorded has the individual recorded user only for his/her own data who has full rights of changing and deletion. Access is otherwise only possible by nominated Members of the IMIA secretariat.


IMIA – 25. May 2018