The International Association of Engineering Insurers

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The Organisation

The Organisation

IMIA is an International Association. Its Members are national Insurance Associations around the world, individual Insurance Companies, Reinsurers and various Associate Members (Loss Adjusters, Consultants, Brokers) all dealing within the Engineering Insurance market.

The internal setup consists of:

The Executive Committee who acts for IMIA in steering the activities and development of the Association and comprises the Officers elected by the Members.

The Officers comprise:

  • the IMIA Chairman
  • the IMIA Secretary
  • the other EC Members

They keep are close contact in correspondence and meet four times a year.  The Chairman reports on the activities of the Executive Committee at the Annual Conferences. Minutes of Executive Committee meetings are included on the IMIA Website, Members area.

The IMIA Secretariat, lead by the IMIA Secretary, deals with the daily administrative and organisational matters including servicing the IMIA Website.

Annual Conferences are held alternating in one the countries of a Member who agrees to act as host and all delegates of the IMIA Members shall be invited.

The President of the Annual Conference will be elected by the national organisation of the country in which the Annual Conference is held.

Working Groups are nominated by the Executive Committee or at Annual Conferences and comprise Group Members who will cooperate in the preparation of new Working Group papers for the next year. Working groups analyse advances in technology, causes of loss, changes in the operation and maintenance of machinery as well as technological aspects as the case may be for the paper intended.