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Types of publication

EP63 Tunnelling – The Daub Paper – Project Risk Management in Underground Construction

EP01-2002 E-Commerce_crime_and_vandalism

EP02 2002 Computer Crime

EP03_2002 Risk Identification, Evaluation and Management – Public Transportation Projects

EP04-2003. Self-Access Studying Environment – Engineering Education

EP05-2003 Non-destructive Examination of Turbines and Generators – NDT

EP06-2003 What is Asset Management (Power Generation)

EP07_2003 Qualified Boiler Inspection

EP08-2003 Condition Monitoring for new Gas Turbines

EP09-2003 Failure Analysis of Transformers

EP10-2003 Achieving Reliable NDT

EP11-2003 The Changing Face of Windpower

EP12-2003 Turbine Optimisation to manage Breakdown Risk

EP13-2003 Telecommunications Equipment

EP13a-2003 What is The Real Threat in Telecommunication

EP14-2003 Life Cycle Management – Utility Transformers

EP15-2003 Gotthard Tunnel Railway Line

EP17-2003 Loss Potential of Natural Hazards

EP18-2004 Renewable Endergies

EP19-2003 Data Losses by Computer Viruses

EP20-2003 Lecture on Fuel Cells

EP21-2004 Analysis of Transformer Failures (2)

EP22-2005 Tunnel Safety – Where are we now

EP23-2005 1001 NDT and Machine Diagnostic Methods

EP24-2006 Code of Practice for Risk Management of Tunnelling Works

EP24S-2006 Spanish Version of the Tunnelling C o P

EP25-2006 Lack of Engineers – Effect on Economy

EP26-2007 German Version of the Tunnelling CoP

EP27-2007 Russian Version of the Tunnelling CoP

EP28-2007 Study of environmental change + global warming

EP29-2008 Oil-insulated Power Transformers

EP30-2008 Assessment of Turbogenerator Risk Levels

EP31-2008 Insuring Project and Contract Works (1)

EP32-2008 Insuring Project and Contract Works (2)

EP33-2008 Safety on Construction Sites

EP34-2008 German Version of WGP 58 (08) CO2-free Coal Combustion

EP35-2009 French Version of the Tunnelling CoP

EP36-2009 From 15 to 200 NDT Methods

EP37-2009 Technological Innovation and Insurance Support

EP42-2009 Equisales Associates – Transformer Case Study

EP43-2009 Wind turbines – Fire protection – vds 3523

EP44-2010 Plant Theft Report UK vers 4

EP45-2011 Systemic Causes in Geotechnical Works

EP46-2012 Cyber Security – LPB224 pg5

EP47-2012 Building Construction PML Paper

EP48 + GP32 2013 Tower Cranes

EP49_2013 SCOR_FOCUS_on_CBI _Seminar _2013

EP50-PowerGen_2014_GT_Validation Final

EP51_2014 Unpredictible Ground Conditions by S Artopoulos

EP52_2014 Offshore Code of Practice vds_3549 German

EP52_2014 Offshore Code of Practice vds_3549 English


EP54_2017 AIG – Design-Engineering Costs, Prof Fees etc in CAR Policies

EP55n Non-Proportional Premium Rating Method for Construction Risks (Abramson) 30-04-2018

EP56 Smart Sustainability Discussion Paper_ print version

EP57 Smart Sustainability Discussion Paper_non print version

EP59 – Risk Control Practice Aluminium Handbook January 2022

EP60 Risk Control Practice Steel Handbook January 2022

EP58 – Risk Control Practice Renewable Energy Handbook February 2021

EP61 Steel Industry- new technologies and associated risks 12th April 22