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SP17 2010 Collapse of Cooling Tower

Earth failure in high voltage generator

floodwater_damage to electrical and electronic equipment

disruption of_steam_roll

guide_rolls_+ steam cylinders of paper machine

low water damage_to boiler_01

crack in a Kaplan turbine blade

damage of gas turbine generator transformer

locomotive_traction transformers

steam leak damaged sulphuric_acid plant

cracked_rotor of bulb turbine generator

overheating damage_lime_kiln

explosion of steam pressure vessel

loss of blades in steam_turbine

blades damaged in gas_turbine

overheating of fire tube boiler

bearing failure on drying cylinder of paper machine_2007_16

explosion in recovery boiler_2007_17

guide roll caused damage to paper machine cylinders_2007_18

damage to steam turbine in paper mill_2007_19

overheated lime kiln_2007_20

explosion in the dissolving tank of black liquor boiler_2007_21

broken chipper in paper mill_2007_22

cracked lime kiln_2007_23

Broken gear case of lime kiln_2007_24

Crack on Yankee dryer_2007_25

Explosion in odorous gas collection system_2007_26

Damage to drying tumbler in chipboard factory_2007_27

wind turbine losses_2007_28

Wheat Silo Collapse_2007_29

short circuit in power transformer_2007_30

blade damage in compressor of gas turbine_2007_31

implosion of heat storage vessel_2007_32

Electric solenoid coil in chicken hatchery_2007_33

cracks in ice cream making plant_2007_34

failure of power transformer_2007_35

Short-circuit of a transformer_2009_36

Steamturbine disruption in refuse burning power plant_2011_37

MB Damage in a Reverse Osmosis desalination plant

1996 present Aging Plant Impact on MB Insurance s

1999 present Aging Plant review

Claims 1999 MB Wind Farm Gears

MB Sayano Hydro Power accident 2009

IMIA WGP 028 (03) Risk Management Approaches in CAR/EAR Projects

IMIA WGP 000(93-2) New Aspects of PML Estimation in CAR/EAR – 06-28

EP31-2008 Insuring Project and Contract Works (1)

EP32-2008 Insuring Project and Contract Works (2)

EP33-2008 Safety on Construction Sites

SP02 2008 TPL Risk evaluation for Contract Works

GP12 2009 Silent Risks

GP27 2011 Risk Engineering for construction projects

water_reservoir_collapse damages IGCC power plant project

overheating_motors at ore processing plant testing

fire_damage to refractory lining od IGCC Power Plant_02


Fire during repair work on polypropylene pipes

fire_in chemical_vapour deposition system

crane hits power cable of existing semiconductor plant

damage_highspeed_train during testing

waste treatment plant corroded at semiconductor plant


bucket_wheel excavator during erection

gas pipeline flooded

oil storage tanks due to storm

mudslide damages hydro power plant

tornado damage to wind turbine_2005_12

stepper machine dropped during unloading_1999_13

EAR losses to offshore wind farm_2007_14

Collapse of pulp tower_2007_15

Rotor of a gas turbine_2008_16

Faulty material or workmanship at boiler_2008_17

Sawmill during extension works_2008_18

pipe rack due to impact at IGCC power plant_2009_19

Damage to boiler and evaporator frame_2009_22

fire in filament yarn production plant_2010_23

Description of Mechanical Erstion All Risks insurance EAR

IMIA WGP 081 (13) Annual Construction Policies

Wind Turbine lightning and hail losses 2010

EAR-DSU due to condenser tubes bursting