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EP22-2005 Tunnel Safety – Where are we now

EP22-2005 Tunnel Safety – Where are we now

EP24-2006 Code of Practice for Risk Management of Tunnelling Works

EP24S-2006 Spanish Version of the Tunnelling C o P

EP26-2007 German Version of the Tunnelling CoP

EP27-2007 Russian Version of the Tunnelling CoP

EP35-2009 French Version of the Tunnelling CoP

SP04 2008 Update on Tunnelling CoP

SP13 2010 Marmaray Project, Istanbul

SP20 2010 Progress made in Gotthard Tunnel – Dec 2010

SP24 2012 Two Tunnelling Projects in the USA

GP19 2010 Colognes Tube Tunnel Disaster

GP22 2011 Design Cover for unforeseen Ground Conditions

GP24 2011 The Tunnelling Industry following Intro of the TCoP

GP25 2011 The Noord-Zuidijn Metro Tunnel Amsterdam

tunnel_boring destroys buildings due to collapse – CAR

Waste water tunnel_distortion – CAR

subway_tunnel_collapse – CAR

tunnel_collapse – CAR

Metro tunnel flooded – CAR_2007

flooded sewage tunnel collapsed – CAR_2007_27

ITIG Tunnelling Code of Practice revised – 01_05_2012

ITIG Example Endorsement re TCoP (draft of 01 05 2012)

LEG Tunnel Works Clause June 2014

LEG Tunnel Works Clause Key Facts Doc June 2014

EP51_2014 Unpredictible Ground Conditions by S Artopoulos

IMIA WGP 000(92-4) Channel Tunnel Update 16-57

IMIA WGP 000(90-1) – The Channel Tunnel 16-54

2015 present Tunnel Emisora Oriente 2015 – de la Mora

SP26 2015 Tunnel Insurance – Facts & Trends (November 2015)

2006 present ALOP-DSU tunnelling risks

2009 present Marmaray Tunnel Project

2010 present Cologne tunnel collapse s

2011 present Design problems in tunnelling – advanta

2011 present Tunnelling under Amsterdam Schippers+Wiggers


IMIA WGP 074 (12) Contracted Power Generation Agreements

IMIA WGP 075 (12) Construction of new Nuclear Power Plants

IMIA WGP 064 (09) Combustion Turbines: Critical Losses and Trends

IMIA WGP 058 (08) CO2 Free Coal Combustion Technology

IMIA WGP 042 (05) Maintenance and Overhaul of Steam Turbines

IMIA WGP 020 (02) Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Projects / IGCC

IMIA WGP 024 (02) Machinery Breakdown Risks of Nuclear Power Plants

IMIA WGP 013 (00) Large Gas Turbines

IMIA WGP 000(98-2) Trends in Gas Turbine Performance – 16-70

IMIA WGP 000(98-1) Hydro-Electric Power – 16-71

IMIA WGP 000(93-1) Development of Industrial Gas Turbines – 06-59

EP06-2003 What is Asset Management (Power Generation)

EP08-2003 Condition Monitoring for new Gas Turbines

EP12-2003 Turbine Optimisation to manage Breakdown Risk

EP14-2003 Life Cycle Management – Utility Transformers

EP29-2008 Oil-insulated Power Transformers

EP34-2008 German Version of WGP 58 (08) CO2-free Coal Combustion

GP18 2010 Managing Risks in a Power Company

GP31 2012 Hydro Power in Brazil


bucket_wheel excavator during erection

mudslide damages hydro power plant

Rotor of a gas turbine_2008_16

crack in a Kaplan turbine blade

loss of blades in steam_turbine

blades damaged in gas_turbine

blade damage in compressor of gas turbine_2007_31

failure of power transformer_2007_35

GP33 2013 ALOP Claims Case – Air Preheater

IMIA WGP 091(15) CCPP Combined Cycle Power Plants

2010 present Managing Engineering risks (K Nix)


EAR-DSU due to condenser tubes bursting

MB Sayano Hydro Power accident 2009